Instagram February 2015 Giveaway

February 2015 Instagram Giveaway : Love Themed Jump!

The winner was: @winterhamster!


February 2015 Giveaway Details!!

The prize up for grabs this month is a Mighty Minis “Love Jump” by Model Horse Jumps ( It comes with two standards, four jump cups, one plain white pole, and a “gate” rail with hearts.  The jump standards are roughly 6″ tall.  Please note, I do not guarantee that this jump is LSQ as-is.  It is best scaled (in my opinion) for “Classic” sized model horses (1:12th scale) however it could possibly be used for “Traditional” scale horses (1:9th) scale as well, especially with certain adjustments (like making new, longer/thicker poles instead of the ones it comes with).  If you wanted to use it for show jumping, I would also recommend adding directional flags.


-First repost the giveaway announcement photo found on my Instagram account (or taken from this page) with the hashtag #ShadyCreekFebGiveaway and tag me (@shadycreekhorses) in the description (NOT in the picture itself).

-You may enter twice total – once between February 1st – February 14th, and once between February 15th – February 28th.

-Entries will close on February 28th at 5pm Central Time.


-Please plan to keep the prize for yourself.  I don’t want to give it away to someone only to have them turn around and sell it to someone else. :(

-Your account must be public. If it’s private, I can’t see your entry!  DMed entries will not be counted.  Also, please no entries from “extra” or “giveaway only” accounts. Use your main, active account.

-You must be following me. It’s the best way to keep up with the giveaways, after all. ;)

-Maximum of two entries per person allowed – one for the date period of February 1st-14th, one for the date period of February 15th-28th.  If you miss either date period, you may still only enter once per date period.  Any accounts that enter more than one entry per date period will be disqualified.  Any entries after 5pm Central time on the 28th will not be counted.

-I will pay shipping to the winner anywhere in North America. If you are outside the US or Canada and still want to enter, you must be willing to pay for overseas postage via Paypal.

-The winner of the jump will be chosen at random using an online random generator. The winner will be announced as soon as possible after entries close once I’ve had a chance to go compile all of the entries.

-Please ask any questions on the original giveaway post on Instagram. If you have a question, check the comments first in case it’s already been asked and answered.

-To prove you read the full rules, please include in the description of your entry “Love!” or a heart symbol.

Please note, this is an Instagram giveaway.  Entrants must be using to participate.