Instagram November 2014 Giveaway

November 2014 Instagram Giveaway : English Saddle Set!

The main winner was: @princeton_stables!
The secondary prize winner was: @songbirdmodelhorses!

(photo credit to Lisa Merrill)

November 2014 Giveaway Details!!

The main prize up for grabs this month is a Traditional-scale English all-purpose saddle and snaffle bridle set by Lisa Merrill of Painted Daisy Studio ( The purpose of this saddle set giveaway is for a novice performance shower to get a chance to win a saddle set that they will actually use and show. This will NOT be a random giveaway… keep reading for details, but you will have to prove why you want to win this set and how you plan on using it. Please do not enter for the saddle set if you’re already an avid performance shower or someone who already has plenty of good quality (English) tack.

However – no one will be left out this month! There will also be a totally random giveaway for a secondary performance-related prize that will be open to anyone – seasoned performance shower OR novice wanting to get started. The secondary prize will be a saddle pad and pair of bell boots by Jana Skybova of Tack By Jana (


-First repost the giveaway announcement photo found on my Instagram account with the hashtag #ShadyCreekNovemberGiveaway and tag me (@shadycreekhorses) in the description (NOT in the picture itself).

-Second, tell me about your performance showing experience and why you want to win. If you’re already someone who shows in performance regularly, this is all you have to do to be entered for the secondary prize. If you are a novice and want to win the saddle set, you’ll need to be a little more detailed. Do you already go to live shows but haven’t started showing in performance? Have you entered a performance class before but only have Breyer tack and would like some better quality equipment? Do you have Western tack but no English saddles? Tell me!

-Ok, still with me? So, IF you are a novice and want to win the saddle set, feel free to then hashtag #ShadyCreekPerformance and tag me (in the comments, not the actual photo) of ANY picture that supports your case for winning this saddle. It can be an old picture or a new picture, as long as you already reposted THIS photo to announce the giveaway and your intentions to enter (and reasons why you want to win). The secondary pictures you tag could be pictures of performance set ups you would use the saddle in, documentation you’ve made for an event you would use the set with, previous attempts at performance showing, or whatever else you think could help you win.  These pictures and the horses in them must be yours – do not take other people’s photos or use pictures of other showers’ models and set-ups.


-Please plan to keep the prize for yourself and actually use it to show. I don’t want to give it away to someone only to have them turn around and sell it or just let it sit around collecting dust. :(

-Your account must be public. If it’s private, I can’t see your entry! Also, please no entries from “extra” or “giveaway only” accounts. Use your main, active account so that I can get a better feel for you and your collection, showing experience, etc.

-You must be following me. It’s the best way to keep up with the giveaways, after all. ;)

-I will pay shipping to the winner anywhere in North America. If you are outside the US or Canada and still want to enter, you must be willing to pay for overseas postage via Paypal.

-Entries will close on November 30th at 5pm Central Time.

-The winner of the saddle set will be chosen based on the evidence given to why they should win the set. The winner of the secondary prize will be drawn at random using an online random generator. Both winners will be announced as soon as possible after entries close once I’ve had a chance to go through all of the posts.

-Please ask any questions on the original giveaway post on Instagram. If you have a question, check the comments first in case it’s already been asked and answered.

Please note, this is an Instagram giveaway.  Entrants must be using to participate.